VIEWS Review: We Told Y'all

By Richie


“Expect pop hits, expect bangers, expect sneak disses, expect a loose concept story, expect a lot of music and hopefully, expect Drake’s best album yet.”   Was it his best album yet? The answer is, emphatically, no. However, the other predictions were spot on. Pop hit, “One Dance”. Bangers, “Hype” and “Grammy’s”. Sneak disses, “Boss up, I'm the bigger homie but I'm one year older than my lil homie.” Also loose concept stories, a thematic album structure that revolved around Toronto’s contrasting seasons; winter, summer, and back to winter. Finally, a lot of music, a 20 tracklist album that makes it Drake’s longest one yet.   The anticipation for Drake’s latest album, VIEWS, was unprecedented to say the least. At 29, Drake has been releasing music for the duration of the past decade, hitting the proverbial peak in 2015 with the infamous back-and-forth with Meek Mill and “Hotline Bling” becoming his biggest single to date. Unfortunately, Drake’s wonderful marketing team built the hype up so high, that even Drake couldn’t deliver. VIEWS is the quintessential rap star album of the past decade in regards to star-power and momentum. An album at the pinnacle of a career, with added pressure due to the aforementioned beef and a cold-war with rivals such as Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z added another dimension to the subliminal message of this album. Instead, Drake stuck to his most basic formula of music crafting. The hooks scream billboard reaches. The rhymes are dumbed down to a nauseating level. The cadence is even off, usually a Drake strong suit. As Joe Budden put it, Drake sounds uninspired at all levels, possibly a byproduct of a sustained run at the top or folding under the immense pressure.   Strong cuts include “Hype”, “Fire & Desire”, “Controlla” and “Weston Road Flows” among others. Mediocre cuts include basically everything else. So all in all, Drake disappointed with the whole world watching. The album will sell, and produce plenty of top 100 hits, but will fade quickly like other redundant projects. Not too much can be said about VIEWS that hasn’t been covered, expect maybe Drake is transitioning from the top. As far as rating, VIEWS is a   5/10